Garrett DiFazio's Cross Country Benefit Ride

To benefit Sam's Children, Garrett DiFazio has embarked on a cross-country motorcycle tour from New Haven, Connecticut, down the east coast to Florida, then west through Texas, and ending in Los Angeles, California. Diagnosed with testicular cancer six years ago, Garret recovered and he and his wife, Erin were blessed this year with a healthy baby boy. To celebrate their good fortune, Garrett is making this tour to help raise money for Sam's Children, Inc.

In support of Garrett's ride and Sam's Children, tax deductible donations may be made on behalf of Garrett DiFazio's ride to Sam's Children, Inc. at:

2138 Silas Deane Highway P.O. Box 948

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067

Sam's Children is also accepting Paypal donations on the "Donate" tab above.

Pictures of Garrett's ride will be posted on this page as and in a photo album on Facebook!



     Garrett's Luggage Pre-Ride             

  Garrett's luggage the night before he rides!                Garrett's just entering New Jersey!



A personal message from Garrett himself:


"With the Sam's Children stickers on my bike, people at every stop are asking about the trip and the charity where I'm going and why I'm doing it. I wish I had more cards more stickers to give out, I don't think they will last long. 35 degrees at 60 mph isn't so bad. Thank you so much for those who donated already!"


              Welcome to Virginia, Garrett!                             Garrett feels a little chilly in Georgia!



Another very beautiful personal message by Garrett:


"I was not sure why I originally felt the need to ride across the country. It just has to be done. I guess I needed to remember why I'm alive. Riding for Sams Children has given the mission real purpose. Almost every stop I'm finding a connection to humanity that's unexpected. People at gas stations and diners telling a stranger about those they have lost to cancer is powerful, and reconnecting with family on a deeper level + missing home makes my heart explode. I don't have the words for it... yet."




          Garrett's made it to the Sunshine State!          Garrett had a dead starter in Ft. Lauderdale, FL!




                  Garrett has made it to Mississippi!                          Louisiana welcomes you Garrett!



                    New Orleans is always a party!                                 Welcome to the Lone Star State!



                     Check out Garret's cool mug!                                                           Cool T-shirt!



                                A serene landscape while entering The Land of Enchantment



             A wonderful old mission in New Mexico                             Sunset on the horizon



                                              A beautiful image that embodies the Old West          




                                                          The majestic mountains of Arizona!



     An mysterious abandoned railroad cart in Arizona            Welcome to California Garrett!



                  An old gas station in California!                         Try and stay warm in Palm Springs, Garrett!


                                     The beautiful Angela's Crest Highway in Pasadena, California!